Bioinformatics Job Resources

Jobs opportunities in Bioinformatics can be found in many venues, including generic job search websites such as,,, and, as well as more specialized sites with more academic or industry or technical focus. The following list is not comprehensive, but is meant to point you to some avenues for job openings you might be less aware of than the common recruiting sites. is the website for a major Canadian-based Bioinformatics group and includes an entire subsection of their site for job postings. The jobs listed are not restricted to Canada, rather, they must be available for Canadian citizens to apply.


EvolDir (the Evolution Directory) is an over 20-year old, still-active mailing list with a primary focus on providing bulletin information related to evolutionary biology, defined broadly, including student and job opportunities. Bioinformatics and related jobs are frequently posted to the list, ranging from academic to industry, and faculty to technicians. The best way to use EvolDir is to join the mailing list, but to peruse older postings, see Graduate Student Opportunities and Job Openings among others.


The International Society for Computational Biology is likely the largest international bioinformatics organization in the world, with 2500+ members from almost 70 countries. Their website includes a job-posting section:

Science Careers

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the organization behind the journal Science, maintains a careers and jobs website. While these tend to have more of a focus on PhD-level positions, jobs at all levels may be posted on the site and it has a subsection specifically on positions in Bioinformatics.



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