Academic Advising

Herschell Emery

Office: Grace E. Harris Hall, Room 3116b
Phone: (804) 828-0559

Herschell Emery, Ph.D., is the bioinformatics program academic adviser. He plays a key role in our students’ academic experience at VCU, assisting them in determining realistic educational goals, planning an ideal curriculum and identifying university programs and resources to help them grow.

Students should check in with the academic adviser each semester prior to course registration to plan their course load as well as make sure they are meeting graduation requirements.

Note that while first-year students are typically advised through the University College, the faculty at the Center for the Study of Biological Complexity wants to interact with our first-year students. We encourage our students to meet with Dr. Emery as soon as possible.


Visit the Division of Strategic Enrollment Management to find relevant information and forms about enrollment, including information about applying for graduation and the forms to change your major or add/change a minor.